• By isolating the #1 most important aspect of hitting (keeping your head down and trained on the point of contact), you will enhance your focus in the box and become a better hitter.

  • Every hitter's body requires a connected approach to swing effectively. By learning to keep your head down, you will develop all-around better mechanics.

  • Hitting is about repeating good habits. By practicing with perfection, you will become a better hitter as reflected in batting average and success at the plate.

  • For All Skill Levels

    Trusted by 15,000+ athletes across the country at all levels of the game. Coaches, parents & players alike trust ZVTee to improve in the box.

  • Adjustable Height

    Adjustable mainframe design to allow for training at various different tee heights, ranging from 25" to 34" tall.

  • 1-Year Guarantee

    We proudly offer a Full One-Year Warranty. If you have any questions or issues, email us at any time dan@zvtee.com.

  • Patented LED Tech

    Our revolutionary LED Fiber technology will illuminate for a fraction of a second after contact with the ball (can be programmed between .1 to .9 seconds of flash-time).

Reinforces key swing mechanics

"The only tee I've ever seen that lights up! This tee is great for building better habits and reinforcing proper swing mechanics!"

Train like the pros, keep your head down through contact

"Seriously helps keep your head down on the point of contact. This is a great tool for all age levels!"

Forces your to keep your eye on the ball

"This tee helps teach the fundamentals of having a good swing; keeping your head down on the ball."

Training With ZVTEE Leads To


Does your player have a problem keeping their head down and watching the bat hit the ball? This is the most critical aspect of hitting, and the ZV-Tee is here to help.

We've pioneered revolutionary technology in pursuit of finding the way to isolate this crucial part of hitting effectively.



One of five random colors will flash after each hit - Focus on the tee head to recall the color. If you can't you will know IMMEDIATELY that you did not keep your head on the ball.

Our patented technology uses LED fibers built into the tee, teaching the hitter to keep their eye focused on the random color flash after contact.

Our Technology

Enhance Your Training

The game's first tee with built-in LED lights, specifically designed to train keeping your head down at the point of contact.

✓ Reinforce keeping your head down

✓ Train focus and hand-eye

✓ Improve contact & find more barrels