ZV-TEE LED Infused Batting Tee


Normal Price: $149.99

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Train the right way with ZVTee's premier product, the ZV-TEE LED Infused Tee. This product is essential for teaching the head-down approach and developing consistent mechanics for effective hitting.

Any Tee Ordered Comes With New Batteries Ready For Use!

Available in Regular Sized Model (25" to 32.5" Base to Top of Tee Height), or Short-Sized Model (19.5" to 22.5" Base to Top of Tee Height).

Product Attributes: 

  • LED Fibers Will Illuminate For a Fraction of a Second After Contact is Made With The Ball.
  • 3MM Thick Rubber Cylinder Securely Holds Ball With Durability.
  • Aluminum Capsule Houses Battery Pack (3 AAA Batteries - FREE Pack Included with Purchase).
  • Adjustable Mainframe Allows For Training at Multiple Heights.
  • Balanced Base Fortifies Tee During Swings.

This Product is Patent Pending.

For pricing on team / organization / facility purchases please inquire at shaweise@zvtee.com