ZV-TEE LED Infused Batting Tee



Hitting Starts With Seeing The Ball. Perfect for BASEBALL & SOFTBALL.

Train the right way with ZVTee's premier product, the ZV-TEE LED Infused Tee. This product is essential for teaching the head-down approach and developing consistent mechanics for effective hitting.

Available in Regular Sized Model (25" to 32.5" Base to Top of Tee Height), or Short-Sized Model (19.5" to 22.5" Base to Top of Tee Height).

Product Attributes: 

  • LED Fibers Will Illuminate For a Fraction of a Second After Contact is Made With The Ball.
  • 3MM Thick Rubber Cylinder Securely Holds Ball With Durability.
  • Aluminum Capsule Houses Battery Pack (3 AAA Batteries).
  • Adjustable Mainframe Allows For Training at Multiple Heights.
  • Balanced Base Fortifies Tee During Swings.

This Product is Patent Pending.

For pricing on team / organization / facility purchases please inquire at shaweise@zvtee.com