• Dawn Simmons

    Head Softball Coach Lynchberg University

"We enjoy the ZVTee's as they are very sturdy and durable. They are great for all ages and sizes. It isn't always easy to find a Tee that will adjust to each extreme of the strike zone. We've enjoyed using the ZVTee for a while and they are impressively built."

  • Keith Parr

    Head Softball Coach Christopher Newport University

"I have seen the ZVTee used by both younger and college players. First of all, the Tee is clearly built to be durable and has held up extremely well. The LED system adds fun to training and can serve multiple training purposes by providing different light durations, and challenging response times. This product really does keep the head of the hitter on the ball, and definitely forces the hitter to stay balanced!"

  • Jaime Wohlbach

    Head Softball Coach East Stroudsberg University

"This is one of the coolest products I've seen launched. Check it out - a tool to keep your eyes on contact and not pull your head out. You'll miss the flash of color if you aren't keeping your head on the ball, it's really cool."

  • Jimmy Gonzalez

    Minor League Hitting Coach, CHICAGO

The ZVTee is a revolutionary tool that brings us back to the basics with the key fundamental of seeing the ball. The concept keeps your head on the ball resulting in better consistency in your work for players of all ages.”

ZV-TEE LED Infused Batting Tee


Regular Height

Train the right way with ZVTee's premier product, the ZV-TEE LED Infused Tee. This product is essential for teaching the head-down approach and developing consistent mechanics for effective hitting.

  • LED Fibers Will Illuminate For a Fraction of a Second After Contact is Made With The Ball (the light flash feature can be programmed by you from .1 second to .9 seconds of on-time).

  • 3MM Thick Rubber Cylinder Securely Holds Ball With Durability

  • Aluminum Capsule Houses Battery Pack (4 Free AAA Batteries included with purchase).

  • Adjustable Mainframe Allows For Training at Multiple Heights.

  • Balanced Base Fortifies Tee During Swings.

This Product Is Patent Pending.